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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter at the Niche, part I

In the mood for some seasonal horror with an Easter theme? While the selection is limited, the Niche will list several examples to help satisfy your craving. Not all of these are directly Easter related, per se (or necessarily "horror", for that matter). However, there are relevant tie-ins with themes of the holiday (ex: rabbits, eggs, etc.). Our only stipulation here is excluding explicitly religious subject matter, which might be deemed offensive. It may have religious themes tied to Easter, but nothing that directly involves Christ. If you were expecting something in regards to "zombie Jesus", it's not happening.

FEWDIO's Easter Bunny

We touched briefly on this short video in a previous post. FEWDIO, creator of the short "The Easter Bunny is Eating My Candy", is a production team currently consisting of seven individuals with a simple objective that is effectively summed up in a single sentence: "We create nightmares." Indeed, they do. Just a personal recommendation, if you watch "Easter Bunny" or the other shorts do it alone and in the dark. It's a surefire way to frighten you awake.

Also, a brief thanks to Paul of FEWDIO for the kind words about the aforementioned post.

creepy Easter Bunny costume

A traditional Halloween costume of a frightening rabbit ("Peter Rottentail", example seen left) would also work well to scare the lil' tikes during Easter time. We're sure that those out there with a dark sense of humor could concoct something creative. Just be sure to do it in good fun, alight? There's a significant difference between a playful scare and terrifying a child to tears. Remember to use a little discretion and common sense.


'Donnie Darko'

Speaking of costumes, we're sure that most of you are familiar with Frank the rabbit from 'Donnie Darko'. While the film is more science fiction/psychological thriller than horror, they don't come much creepier than Frank. The macabre, skull-like grin and whispering voice alone are enough to make anyone shiver. It doesn't get better when Frank unmasks himself, either.

As an Easter egg to horror fans, notice that 'The Evil Dead' plays on screen while Frank and Donnie converse in the dimly lit movie theater. Even before this, take note of the double feature sign outside the theater, which advertises 'Halloween' and 'Frightmare'. If you want to give it another Easter tie-in, you'll see that 'The Last Temptation of Christ' was also showing as Donnie leaves the theater.

Švankmajer's 'Alice'

Czech artist Jan Švankmajer masterfully creates a dark retelling of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland in this 1988 Surrealist fantasy film. Wonderland itself is made mostly of a succession of dilapidated, cryptic rooms and baiting Alice along the way is the iconic White Rabbit. However, with its false glass eyes and a visceral tear across its stomach that constantly spills sawdust, this White Rabbit is an actual taxidermied animal brought to life by stop-motion animation. It initially escapes its display after biting through the nails in its paws. Rather unsettling, to say the least.

Watch a sample of Švankmajer's 'Alice' here.

'Critters 2: The Main Course'

Now, I haven't watched this particular film franchise yet. However, I've come to learn that the sequel is set in a small town during the holiday festivities. In fact, the Crites even attack a man dressed in costume as the Easter Bunny. Is that incentive enough to watch? I think so, yes.

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